Digitally Specific - Exhibition Poster Digitally Specific: Exhibition Poster

Digitally Specific

Tethered Publics . October, 2022

Karl Sims Sophie Horton Daniel Arteaga Leon Clowes Daniele van Reusel Bob Bicknell-Knight Greg Orrom Swan Andre de Jong Igor Pavlovic Pointet

Introducing Digitally Specific, the first exhibition curated by and developed in conjunction with Tethered Publics, a mobile app for showcasing location based digital art.

Digitally Specific is an artist-led exhibition which investigates ways of challenging contemporary notions of place, community and technology through the production and installation of site-specific digital artworks. Through augmented reality, video, code and geolocation technology, we invite you to delve into this hybrid experience of art and place.

The works of this show are exhibited in-app across the South London boroughs of Lewisham and Southwark, spotlighting contemporary artists working in the area. Looking to explore tensions between the ‘assimilative’ and ‘interruptive’ elements of site-specific art, Digitally Specific embellishes the streets, rather than gallery walls. The show aims to be at once harmonious, subversive and inclusive, and present a unique way to explore art and your environment.

About Tethered Publics:

Tethered Publics is a platform for exploring location based digital art. Via its mobile app, it allows artists to exhibit their work through augmented reality, digital media and geolocation technology. Bypassing the confines and physicality of the traditional gallery, the Tethered Publics concept is simple - download the app to view art created in response to spaces near you. This innovative in-app viewing experience allows people to seek out artworks, or be notified when work is close by. Allowing people to curate their own art trail, or simply encounter art along their regular journeys.


This exhibition has been produced independently without external funding. Thanks goes to the artists involved for their collaboration and their contribution to the development of the app as a whole.