Tethered Publics, Home Collection 2023 - Artist Open Call Poster

Open Call: Home Collection 2023

Deadline: 12th March 2023

We are inviting submissions for our upcoming AR art exhibition, Home Collection 2023, which will be featured on our app Tethered Publics, across the UK. The focus of this exhibition is on exploring the concept of collecting and displaying items within the domestic space. This is an unpaid opportunity for emerging to mid-career artists interested in presenting their work in through reality (AR).

We are seeking digital artifacts, such as 3D models, that are representative of items one might find in or around the home, such as artwork, antiques, furniture, collectibles, or decorative objects. We can handle the AR implementation but want you to consider how your object would exist in virtual 3D space to create unique and engaging experiences for the viewer. Your work could be static, animated, interactive, resizable, or include audio.

We welcome art objects from a variety of cultures, voices, or time periods. They may have personal, collective, or historical significance to you or may highlight underrepresented voices and perspectives within the theme of domestic living. They should be appropriate to be displayed in a domestic space, evoking the feelings and emotions associated with the home, in any way this could mean to you.

The goal of this exhibition is to allow viewers to experience and collect items in a novel way, through AR technology, without the physical limitations and constraints of ownership. We want to challenge traditional notions of collecting and displaying items at home and push boundaries of what is possible in terms of decor.

At Tethered Publics, we’re focused on making emerging technologies more accessible to artists. This could be an opportunity for you to exhibit your work through AR without the overheads of developing an application for yourself. We want to encourage artists to think about how their work could be translated into virtual 3D space. For example, you could repurpose existing 3D objects, use an app to scan your real-world objects or create your own.

All submissions should be in the form of 3D models compatible with AR display and should provide a link to download the object through the submission form. Specific details on file formats will be given in the submission form. We will also accept image or audio submissions but expect you to provide instructions on how your work might exist in AR, i.e. for images: wall mounted, in a photo frame, or other.

Overall, we are looking for digital objects that push boundaries and challenge the viewer to think about the theme of home collections in novel ways through AR technology.

The deadline for submission will be on the 12th March 2023. With an expected exhibition launch date of mid April.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch, Contact us